Introduction of the Prosecutor General

Picture of the Prosecutor General
 NISHIKAWA Katsuyuki
 Born in Hokkaido, in 1954

1979 Appointed to public prosecutor
1979 -2016 Served as public prosecutor in district public prosecutors 
offices including Osaka and Tokyo.
Professor, United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for 
the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders 
Director-General, Rehabilitation Bureau, Ministry of 
Director-General, Immigration Bureau, Ministry of 
Director-General, Criminal Affairs Bureau, Ministry of 
Vice-Minister, Ministry of Justice
Superintending Prosecutor, Sapporo High Prosecutors 
Superintending Prosecutor, Tokyo High Prosecutors 
5 September 2016 Prosecutor-General

◎ Message from the Prosecutor-General

 Public prosecutors have a solemn responsibility, which does not change over time. That responsibility consists of conducting criminal investigation on the basis of law and evidences, ensuring truthful fact-finding at trials, and finally, making sure that justice is served in a timely manner. Bearing in mind the trust of the people, we must sincerely perform our duties by dealing with various cases adequately.

 While the prosecutors' responsibility is unchanging, we need to maintain organizational flexibility so that our mode of operation can conform to the rapidly changing realities of the world. For that reason, for the past six years, we have been implementing various reforms that would enable us to better execute our responsibility. Building upon the legacy of my predecessors, I am determined to keep the reform momentum going so that we can live up to the expectations of the Japanese people.

 The amendment of the Criminal Procedure law in the last ordinary session of the Diet has introduced such new provisions as audio-visual recording of interview proceedings in some cases, plea bargaining and so on. This amendment was made to bring a well-balanced methods of collecting evidence and enhancing trial proceedings. We believe that this amendment also prompts the reform and try to make a proper operation for such provisions.

 The Prosecutors offices have to tackle with the various criminal cases and terrorist attacks including complex financial or economical crimes, cyber-crimes, certain kinds of fraud like remittance fraud, child abuses. For this purpose, the staffs of our offices need to acquire knowledge in many fields, enhance means of investigations based on scientific and forensic techniques, effectively use scientific evidence and audio-visual recordings of interview proceedings, and improve examination techniques.
 Moreover, we should consider rehabilitation of the accused and prevention of recidivism as well as victims support when we deal with cases. We try to solve various issues by making the full use of expertise of our staffs and reinforcing organization ability.

 I will do my utmost as Prosecutor-General to ensure that all staffs are conscious of their solemn responsibilities and discharge their duties fairly, sincerely and eagerly.

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