Introduction of the Prosecutor General

 INADA Nobuo

 Born in Nara, in 1956

   1981                 Appointed to public prosecutor
   1981-2018        Served as public prosecutor in district public prosecutors
                           offices including Tokyo and Fukuoka.
                           Counsellor,Cabinet Legislation Bureau
                           Director of the Personnel Division,Ministry of Justice
                           Chief Prosecutor,Yamagata District Public Prosecutors Office
                           Deputy Vice-Minister of Justice
                           Director-General of the Criminal Affairs Bureau, Ministry of
                           Vice-Minister of Justice
                           Superintending Prosecutor, Sendai High Prosecutors Office
                           Superintending Prosecutor, Tokyo High Prosecutors Office
25 July 2018 Prosecutor-General

◎Message from the Prosecutor-General

Guided by the principles of fairness, impartiality and nonpartisanship, the prosecutors are entrusted with the responsibility to find the truth in the criminal case quickly and appropriately, and to seek proper application of criminal laws by bringing a prosecution against those who deserve to be punished. Fulfillment of this responsibility, I believe, will make a significant contribution to the maintenance of social order, and to the building of the safe and secure society. It is my sincere determination to make every possible effort to meet the expectations of our fellow citizens that our society continues to be safe and secure.

Although the numbers of recognized cases and cleared cases of the Penal Code offenses have been declining in recent years, the crime situation as a whole is still alarming, with mass murder-injury cases giving enormous shock to our society, the number of remittance fraud cases (fraud cases where the victim is deceived into paying a large sum of cash by manipulative or abusive phone calls from unknown offenders) staying at a high level, and child abuse cases greatly increasing. We must also stay alert to the threat of terrorism, with the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo just two years away. In addition to these challenges, further globalization of our criminal justice system appears inevitable, with cross-border traveling and transactions becoming increasingly easier, and the government's recent adoption of the policy to accept more foreign workers into our domestic labor market.

We, public prosecutors, commit to deal effectively with various types of crimes, and to secure the proper administration of the criminal justice system, by working closely with the police and other relevant agencies. At the same time, we are determined to keep promoting measures to give necessary support to crime victims, as well as measures to prevent recidivism for offenders and the efforts supporting their reintegration into the society.

In recent years, my predecessors have tackled with various reforms in prosecutorial practice and organization. I commit to advance these reforms, while also trying hard to make sure that new procedures and offenses, which have been introduced by recent legislations, are applied properly, and in a manner faithful to the spirit and purpose of the legislations.

Saiban-in (lay judge) trial system has been in effect for more than nine years. Thanks to the public's understanding and support, the trial proceedings under this system have largely been conducted properly and smoothly, for which I would like to express my sincere gratitude. We, public prosecutors, are determined to make every effort within our ability to advance this system, including attempts to present the prosecution's cases as plainly and effectively as possible, so that we hopefully gain continuing support and cooperation from our fellow citizens.

English(Public Prosecutors Office Japan)